Property Management

Are you a landlord looking for an experienced team to manage your investment?
Uphill & Schaefer Real Estate have a dedicated property management team who strive to deliver a stress free property management solution.

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Landlord Information

How will I know what my property will rent for?

You will get the best idea of your property’s value in the current market by comparing it to other properties similar to yours. The market plays a large role in determining what amount of rent you will achieve; your agent can assist in advising what the demand for a property such as yours is.

How long will it take to find a tenant for my property?

We find properties that are better presented, priced according to market conditions and represented by a professional agent, will stand out from the crowd and therefore will attract the right tenant faster.

How will you find me a tenant?

We will canvas our tenant database, install on site for lease signboards, advertise in our local newspaper and deploy our internet and social media strategies.

How do you qualify tenants?

There are two main criteria to consider when selecting a suitable tenant for your property; their ability to pay the rent and their ability to maintain your property in its current condition. We also check their details against a variety National Tenancy Databases to ensure they have not defaulted on rent or damaged a property in the past.

What is the average length of tenancy?

Most tenancies are initially six or twelve months for unfurnished properties, or three to six months for furnished properties. We always stay in contact with the tenant to be ready to renegotiate a lease renewal usually equivalent or greater than their initial period.

What happens if my tenant doesn’t pay rent?

Rent arrears can become a major issue if not addressed promptly. We monitor tenant arrears on a daily basis and ensure that all tenants are signed up to our direct debit system to ensure on time payments.

How can I guarantee that my property will be well looked after?

Every tenant’s application is screened very carefully and clear expectations are set right from the start. Our experienced team will conduct a thorough ingoing, outgoing and regular routine inspection report, all with photographs to minimise any problems that may arise during the tenancy. All repairs and maintenance are communicated to you and addressed in a timely manner.

Do I need landlord’s insurance?

We highly recommend that every owner has an insurance policy in place for their property. It will protect you in the event of a tenant not paying rent, damage to the property (over and above the bond), public liability & limited cover for contents.

What costs do I need to pay?

We are able to offer a simple all inclusive package to cover the leasing fees, management rates, renewal fees, advertising costs and statement charges, or alternatively we can tailor a fee structure to suit you.

How do I change my managing agent?

It is very easy. All you need to do is contact us and we will make the changeover for you. We’ll organise for the tenant to be notified and for the keys to be collected from your old managing agent. Everything else carries on as usual.

What if I want to sell my property?

You are still entitled to sell your property even with a tenancy in place. Our strong relationships between the sales team and the tenants enable us to seamlessly market and gain access in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act.

Why use a professional property manager?

Our experienced team are able to effectively manage the tenancy through rent collection, repairs and upkeep, renegotiation and compliance in order maximise your return on investment. This means your valuable time can be spent elsewhere while we take care of the complicated things. A good property manager will make you money on your investment, not cost you money.

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