Renting Information

New tenant checklist

What you must know before you sign a lease

At the start of every tenancy you should be given the following by the landlord or agent:

The first thing you should do before you sign the lease is read it thoroughly. If there is anything in it which you don’t understand, ask questions.

Remember, you are committing to a legally binding contract for which there is no cooling-off period. You will want to be certain you understand and agree to what you are signing.

Only when you can respond with a Yes to the following statements, should you sign the lease.

The lease

Promised repairs

In relation to any promises by the landlord or agent (for example, replace the oven, paint a room, clean up the backyard etc):

Upfront costs

I am not being required to pay:

I am not being charged for:

Managing your bond online

Before paying your rental bond, ask your agent or landlord about using Rental Bonds Online. If they are registered, you can securely pay your bond direct to NSW Fair Trading using a credit card or BPAY, without the need to fill out and sign the bond lodgement form referred to above. Once registered, you can continue to use your account for future tenancies.

Swimming and spa pools

Does the property have a swimming or spa pool? If so, the landlord must give you a copy of a valid certificate of compliance or occupation certificate issued in the past 3 years. This does not apply if you are renting in a strata or community scheme of more than two lots.

After you move in

Make sure you:

Top tips for problem-free renting

Follow these useful tips to help avoid problems while you are renting:

April 2016 FTR72

Further information

Go to the Fair Trading website or call 13 32 20 for more information about your renting rights and responsibilities.
The NSW Government funds a range of community based Tenants Advice and Advocacy Services across NSW to provide advice, information and advocacy to tenants. Go to the Tenants Union website at for details of your nearest service or check your local phone directory.

*Landlords and agents must give a copy of this information statement to all new tenants before they sign a residential lease. Fines can be imposed if this is not done.

Tenancy Application

Click to download Tenancy Application Form